Midwest Country Cousins Net
Since 1964
3972.5 KHz
9:30 pm Central Time
Alternate Frequency 3970.0 KHz
UTC: 07:31 Friday, December 14, 2018

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1375 K8JLT
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1378 KK4IFF
1379 KD9MW
1380 K2KY
1381 W0ZZS
1382 W0GT
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1384 W9UH
Birthdays December 14
382 KJ4HT
913 WB9SVD
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1088 K8MIA-Silent Key
885 W0PGL-Silent Key
220 W4EAY-Not Licensed
488 KV2U-Not Licensed
1330 K7AAB-Address Change
1039 K4FN-Not Licensed
1056 N9GLZ-Not Licensed
959 N4PYT-Silent Key
1230 W8BR-Callsign Change
590 W8DG-Not Licensed

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#485 K3KKI

Net Officers
President KC9CI PHIL
Net Manager K0YEQ FRED
Secretary/Treasurer K0YEQ FRED
Recording Secretary KC9CI PHIL

Net Control Operators
Sunday: K0YEQ FRED
Tuesday: KC9CI PHIL
Wednesday: WB9SGK DOUG
Thursday: KB9NPH LARRY
Saturday: KE0DL DAVE

Net Controls at Large

Qualifying for Membership
An amateur may qualify for membership in the Midwest Country Cousins, by checking into the net 4 out of 5 times on the same week night. I.E., 4 out of 5 Mondays, or 4 out of 5 Tuesdays, etc.

After qualifying, you may apply for membership by writing the dates of the 4 check-ins on a QSL card (preferred), or piece of paper. Include the callsign of the net control station for each check-in. Also, include your birth date , and if you are married, your spouse's name, and your anniversary date.

If you have a photo of yourself, send it along. Our secretary maintains a photo album/scrapbook of our members. Include a $10.00 donation to cover the cost of printing rosters, postage, certificates, sympathy cards to families of silent keys, and cost of mailers.

Send these items to our secretary/treasurer K0YEQ.